AgriTech Systems


As we progress into the 21st century, water promises to be one of our most precious resources.  Wise management and proper conservation of this resource will become increasingly important, and innovative methods will have to be employed to save water.  

AgriTech Systems was created to bring cost-effective technology to rural areas.  We have the freedom and ability to offer fully or partially automated systems that assist irrigation managers and ditch riders in their work.  We have partnered with a communication company to provide remote flow measurement and operations via satellite, cellular modems and radios.  Current applications by AgriTech Systems include:

  • Flow measurement devices that measure water into irrigation regulating reservoirs and respective center pivots.  The information is stored on data loggers and is being used to quantify seepage from the reservoirs.  The project will affect interstate water compact agreements.
  • Remote recording of flows from a hog farm.  Water from the well and four barns are measured and transferred by cellular modem to the site managers and the company’s headquarters.  The remote readings are especially helpful since the site managers do not have to enter the barns with their strict biosecurity procedures.
  • Measurement of an irrigation ditch flows at a remote mountain site.  The flows are transmitted to the office 1.5 hours away via satellite transmitter.
  • Water levels from an irrigation ditch into a pipeline system.  The levels are critical to assure a steady supply of water to the pipeline and not waste water over a spillway.  Text messages are sent to the Watermaster to help him control the flow anytime and anywhere.
  • Complete measurement and tracking of irrigation flows in the main canal and to a farm, including measurement in the Parshall flume, irrigation regulating reservoir and center pivot.  Rainfall is also measured at the same location.
  • Measurement of flows in an irrigation company system to minimize water removed from a recreational river.